RSAA (former RHEINSCHIENE architects) is a Cologne based international operated firm, which mainly focus on Eco-city and sustainable architectural design. The main target is to promote the core European design value such as culture, democracy, sharing, publicity, and Econetworks to the projects. Therefore our main market is focused onto the Eco-city urban design and public/office building projects.


- RSAA has more than 50 years professional experiences and the preciseness from our German gene. We have been involved in the Asain market for more than 10 years. As one of the leading architectural design firm from NRW and Cologne city, RSAA has always been promoted by the German and NRW Government.


- RSAA has won many times of the German National Architectural Award and many other design awards in Europe and China. And we also won almost half of the projects we bided in the last few years in China.

- RSAA's German partners are all members of the BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten), the best 4% of Germany’s registered architects. Meanwhile, many of our partners are teaching in the institutes in Europe and China.


- RSAA, as the founding partner of the EcoNet organization under German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), is also supported by the highly developed German architectural industrial chain, which is the strong support of our final design productions.


- RSAA has 9 partners who have their own specialties. The team has more than 80 designers in Cologne and Beijing. The team is international operated with the talents from Europe, Northern America and Asia.