RSAA Won the Green Design BIM Application Award

May 05, 2017

Jining cultural center designed by RSAA won the Green Design BIM Application Award from China Engineering & Consulting Association. As of general control of this project, RSAA  co-coordinate the project, and more than 10 design companies are involved in the overall design and construction,including Mario Botta,He Jingtang,Ryue Nishizawa. In this complex functional system, the BIM application plays a important role.

The reaction to this situation is what determined the central theme of the masterplan: An elevated 'Cultural Hill' connects the four cultural buildings, amongst each other as well as to the commercial backbone towards the city. In doing so it creates its own center, which serves its function during all phases of the city’s development. The character of the resulting public space is defined by a sequence of wide and narrow spaces that invite pedestrians to pass through them, and enjoy the - now finally unobstructed - view to Taibai lake as well as the architecture.