Ziyu Zhuang was invited to participate in the final review of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

August 21, 2018

On June 27, RSAA partner Ziyu Zhuang has attended the final review of the 3rd-year experimental class of Architecture School of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The course is to design in the perspectives of "Macro" and "Wide angle" under the theme of Building Beijing. In the Creative Space of The invited architects gave guidance and communicated on the and the difficulties encountered by the students.

The other people participating in the review are the principal architect Yansong Ma in MAD Architects and the teachers of BUCEA, such as Zhongqi Ren, Wei Jiang, Xuesong Hu, Wen Ouyang and Yuyang Tang.

The theme of this course is to build Beijing. For the first time, three architectural classes (regular class, master class, and urban design class) each have three courses. The courses of master class are the academy, the interface, and the half-mile city, which are handled by Yu Li and guided by Zhongqi Ren, Wei Jiang, Yuan Jiang. The course is based in Beijing and focus on the development of integrated design ability from the perspectives of Macro and Wide Angle. The Macro is concerned about space construction, space observation, space operation and etc. The Wide Angle pays attention to public activities, living experiences, old city update and so on.