Zhuang Ziyu was invited to attend the fashion show of Hermès Spring/Summer 2018 male world

May 07, 2018

                                                       The scene of the show

                                   The artistic director of Hermès menswear Véronique Nichanian

On the evening of April 19th, Hermès held the China Grand Show for recent 9 years at the China Shipping Pavilion in Shanghai. RSAA partner Ziyu Zhuang, was officially invited by Hermès to become a cross-border model in the Hermès Spring/Summer 2018 male world "FAST FORWARD MEN" with the most suitable costume selected by the artistic director of Hermès menswear. The show was completed with professional models and other KOL (Key Opinion Leader) models. Due to the full stance and outstanding taste, Ziyu Zhuang elaborated the brand's tone. Although it was the first crossover stage show, he was recognised by Hermès and major media guests.

                                                The costume of the limited selection

The costumes are from the latest limited selection series of Hermès, which are designed for the show by Véronique Nichanian, Artistic Director of Hermès Male World, combining Chinese local market characteristics and consuming habits. This show is not only the first visit of Hermès to China in nine years but also shows its emphasis and affirmation for the Chinese market.  In the fashion tour combined with Chinese experience, Hermès reinterpreted Chinese Narrative. What's more, it responded to RSAA's implementary design philosophy "From Chinese Form to Chinese Narrative", focusing on the story between contemporary Chinese and Space. Meanwhile, taking part in the show is the interaction and cooperation between RSAA and the international brand with original ideas and local re-creation.

                             The group photos of KOL models and the artistic director

Tonight, the scene of the show is both fashionable and creative. The fancy Hermès spaceship arrived late the night in Shanghai. Under the halo of the unique spaceship, every era coexists. Garments and accessories echo each other as if people from the past, present and future gather together. Workshops, gravity, the space station, drone performance and other things invite guests to explore the unlimited splendidness.

                                              The site of the show