Invited by Chinese National Geography Lecture, RSAA partner Ziyu Zhuang delivered a speech in Shanghai

April 08, 2018

On the evening of March 31, invited by "Chinese National Geography Lecture" in Shanghai, RSAA partner Ziyu Zhuang gave

a one-hour talk in Wuliqiao Community Cultural Center. Combined with RSAA's years ofarchitectural practice of "From Chinese form to Chinese narration", he popularized the Chinese Contemporary Architecture Cognition among the audience of all walksof all ages. After the speech, Ziyu Zhuang seriously answered questions raised by the audience for the content of the speech.The lecture ended in a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere.

"Chinese National Geography Lecture" series has existed for more than 10 years, of which the team devoted themselves to bring high quality offline seminars to loyal readers of "Chinese National Geography". In these years, the event has invited the industry pioneers in various fields to share the practice in their own fields with the audience, which is widely accepted by the society.

-Speech Poster-