RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang won the 3rd French IDEAT Future Award

March 15, 2018

On March 14, RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang won the 3rd French IDEAT Future Award, and the awards ceremony was held in Design Shanghai 

2018. Ziyu Zhuang, partner of RSAA, attended the ceremoy. Tongling Recluse by RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang won Best Residence of the Year

(The previous winner id Micro-Hutong at Dashila by Zhangke), and the award was presented by Chinese famous designer Yongzhong Lv.

The highlight of this event is LEGO HOUSE by BIG won the Best Commercial Architecture, apart from that the Skygarden by MVRDV won 

the Best Urban Practice of the Year. The Zeitz MOCAA designed by Heatherwick Studio won the Best Public Building. The winner of Best 

Hotel Design is Alila by Gong Dong (Vector Architecture) and Bin Ju (HSD). URBANUS won the Pioneer of the Year.The award presenters 

included artist Xiaohui Wang, Yan Lv, Zheqin Zhu ect.

The leading French life magazine IDEAT takes”urban evolution”as the theme of award this year, exploring how to achieve future

urban Utopia by building an organic life, balancing a harmonious symbiotic community and creating a first-class soft design. 

IDEAT Future Award pays more attention to the material and immaterial "urban" design, in addition to the 6 standards:

innovation, inspiration, function, influence, emotional expression and future predictability. The prize finds the excellent creation and

design example with advanced view of tasting life’s texture,and to look forward to how the future will be changed. The design 

concept of Tongling Recluse is relevant to the subject, which exploring the concept of”from Chinese form to Chinese narration”, 

and pretty outstanding among the award-winning works.