RSAA / Büro Ziyu Zhuang was invited to give a speech at TADI

June 20, 2017

On the afternoon of 16th June, TADI invited RSAA partner and chief architect Ziyu Zhuang shared the experience and made a speech on the topic of Retalk What Architects Can Do. The lecture hall was fully occupied with the architects from TADI and the students form School of Architecture of Tianjin University, School of Architecture & Art Design of Hebei University of Technology and Hebei Chengjian University.

The whole talk is made of three parts. Zhuang started his talk with his education and architectural practice over the years. He also introduces a series of feature projects that combines traditional culture and contemporary spirits, such as Tianjin No.4 Middle School, Chamber Church, Nanjing Five Seasons Hotel and the reconstruction projects of RSAA Gulou Office and LiuBaiBen Commercial Center Renovation. In addition, the process was relaxing and interesting as Zhuang shared some anecdotes from his recent experience that he built a house with some celebrates in an architectural reality TV show.

Then concerning the architects’ role definition, career development, team construction and working mechanism, Zhuang had a discussion with some outstanding architects and officers from TADI: Zhiqing Zhang, Yu Sun and Xun Sun.

In the Q&A session, Zhuang answered some questions and concerns from students and young architects. He believes that architects could generate a better project by experiencing lives more.

In terms of the core topic of this sharing session: Retalk What Architects Can Do? Ziyu Zhuang replied: as a simple answer, architects could design and build buildings. Architects should keep the awareness of enriching your life experience and establishing the correct “three essential values”. Then do not forget your initial determination and go back to the origin which is to design and build buildings.