RSAA team has more than 80 registered architects, urban planners and landscape designers in Europe and China. The team is international operated with the talents from Europe, Northern America and China. All of our managing architects in Germany are members of the BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten), the best 4% of Germany’s registered architects. Meanwhile, many of our partners are teaching in the institutes in Europe and Asia.

  • Na Li

    Management Director (Beijing)

  • Zhengdong Qi

    Design Director (Beijing)

  • Maggie Ma

    Office Manager (Beijing)

  • Anna Schulz

    Project Achitect (Cologne)

  • Xin Zhao

    Architect (Beijing)

  • Manuel Böwing

    Project Architect (Cologne)

  • Zelalem Alemu

    Project Architect (Cologne)

  • Alexander Stellmach

    Project Architect (Cologne)

  • Salma Habashi

    Project Architect (Cologne)

  • Guido Scharnhorst

    Project Architect (Cologne)